The Power of Music Reaches Even to the Brain

Music is powerful and it existed throughout history. The amazing power is even helpful for heart therapy. What is in the music to be able to give this benefit? And why music is so addictive and pleasurable? Listening to music is incredible and the brain loves it. It helps the body to be distracted from fatigue and increases endurance while improving heart and muscles, giving psychological and physiological benefits on the body.

What is really happening is that a neurotransmitter is being released in the brain, this neurotransmitter is called dopamine which is responsible for making someone feel good. It brings a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. It is released during the moments of enjoyment while listening to music and it gives people the chills.

Music consists of audio frequencies and patterns floating into the air and clashing together into the ear. Just in the case of eyes that process light, the ears process waves of sound thus triggers the state of excitement and pleasure in the brain. Did you know that playing a musical instrument can make people smarter? In fact, children with at least three years of musical training performed better during testing for non-verbal reasoning, motor skills, auditory discrimination and vocabulary than those who did not. It is because they were trained to study the intricate patterns of music, the chords, beat and other elements.

Music has the ability to create state of arousal causing pupils to dilate, blood pressure to rise the brain to fire in auditory, movement and emotional regions. It creates the desire to seek out more. Sometimes, we do not realize the effects of music to our brains and bodies. Nevertheless, music has numerous effects on human beings, influencing the way we dance, we exercise and we think.