Different Genres of Music

Of all kinds of music that you listen every time and  everywhere, can you distinguish what kind of music are those? Can you differentiate it from each other? Music genre refers to the category, style, group or classification of a music.

Here are the different music genres that you might be listening but cannot distinguish from each other.

  1. R&B which means rhythm and blues. It is an African American music and the vocalists are known for their melisma. 2. Classical that is also known as oldies, concentrated 15-55 years before. Classical has subgenres like baroque, opera, romantic. 3. The Jazz music which is mostly associated with saxophone. It uses a down tempo with no vocals. Subgenres include bigband, bebop and gypsy jazz.
  2. Rock began in 1950s. It consists of a drummer, guitarist, bassist and singer with subgenres such as metal, punk, grunge, hardrock and classic rock (based upon music of the past and conceived as a radio station programming format). 5. Hiphop. It is a kind of music that has a rhythmic vocal style with backing beats. Contains elements of dj-ing and break dancing. A famous example would be the song “Smack That”. 6. Country music which originated in Southern United States and has a distinct voice in each song. Subgenres are bluegrass, alternative country, Nashville sound and so on.

  1. Latin started during the arrival of Spanish. Subgenres are tango, salsa and latin ballad. This kind of music makes you do things with your butt or hip. 8. Pop music. It is featured by rhythmic elements, melodies and hooks. It means having a popular appeal like K-pop, J-pop, P-pop and so on. it has subgenres like synth-pop, teen-pop (music towards teens) and dance-pop. 9. Disco music which has soaring reverberated vocals over a steady beat and began during the late 1960s.
  2. The New Wave music which began in the late 70s. it is rock and roll with electronic influence. 11. Electronic Dance music with subgenres such as dubstep, house (has a prominent kick drum in every beat), trance (developed in Germany in early 1990s that uses a melodic synthesizer that builds up and down in a track). 12. New Age music that is intended to create inspiration, relaxation and positive feelings. Melodies are repetitive to create a hypnotic feeling. 13. The Reggae music which is developed in Jamaica in 1960s. Based on rhythmic style by accents on the off beats.

Other music genres include folk, children’s, funk, soul, blues, world, gospel and so on.