6 Basic Elements of Music

How is music produced? Music is heard through the production of  sound. Sound is created through the production of vibration intervals. In order to be aware how music is produced, then have to go through a review of the element  of music. There are 6 basic elements of music. These are:

1.Pitch- Pitch is the highness and lowness of tone the note gives in producing the melody of the music. In this element, pitch of music is different from noise.

2. Rhythm- In this element, there is a pattern of beats to create a harmonic melody of sound. Rhythm is the time flow of sound.

3.  Timbre- This is the unique and distinguishable characteristic quality of a tone or sound. This is one technique of musicians to catch the attention of listeners to music.

4. Melody- This is the sequence of pleasing notes, or the tune of sound. This is the leaping up and down of the musical notes in the musical staff. In here, you can obviously notice the pitch of the sound.

5. Dynamics- You hear in music that there are loud and soft production of the tone or melody. This is the dynamic of music. Loudness and softness or quietness gives may also give meaning to the emotion of the sound.

6. Texture- These is the relationship of different voices involved in the production of music. There will be thick and thin voices but will create the over-all production of the elements of music. The texture of sound uses all the elements of music.