Music: Inspiring and Motivating

How big is the impact of music to people? Music is inseparable to people. There is always music in people’s lives throughout generations and it diverse from generation to generation. Even if it is different from nation to nation and from culture to culture but music’s impact and benefit to humans is nearly and mostly the same. Music triggers excitement and inspiration to people. The soft, smooth and motivating melodies sound pleasant to us. It can even soften the hardened heart.

The beat makes individuals dance naturally or move with the music. The lyrics which has a variation in the content greatly inspires people. By listening to the music, some may remember their childhood days, their lonely paths, their most joyful moments and unforgettable memories. By listening to the music, others may be emotional, reflecting on their efforts and sacrifice, regrets, resolutions and goals, challenges and motivations. By listening to the music, some may remember their loved ones and make more efforts to overcome the world with strength and endurance.

By listening to music, people can be relieved from fatigue, stress, distress, anxieties and depression. It increases concentration and positive thoughts. Music can actually bring unity, harmony and peace among people. Through music, people can express their gratitude, their compassion, their apology, their motivation, inspirational message and the like. It is something that can be passed from generation to generation so younger generation can at least picture, understand and have insights to the old times, the older lifestyle and culture.