A Brief History: When and how did the Philippine Music started?

Music became a part of everybody’s life. It is not just played in a specific country. You can hear various music genres around the world. Can you imagine your life without music? Some countries were colonized by the superior ones and it’s not only their culture which was influenced but their music as well. As an example to this are the Philippines. It was colonized by countries such as Spain and the United States of America. Because of this, the Philippine culture was influenced and it’s not purely a Filipino culture any longer.

Some of the Filipino classical and popular music were adopted from the Spaniards and Americans. Indigenous people in the Philippines could be found in Northern Luzon and in Mindanao. They use musical instruments made from bronze such as gongs and some were made from bamboo such as flutes and lutes. They sing various songs for a plentiful harvest, ritual songs, and when they won a victory on a war such as the tribal war. It has many processes like marketing. And find this best catering restaurant here. Check from this site www.caterertaiwan.com for more. They will serve you the best foods you crave for.

When Philippines were colonized, everything was influenced and the Filipino music also transformed. The mindset of the Filipino people towards music even changed. Such change and influence could be easily noticed and is reflected when you hear various folk songs. Filipino composers write songs based on the western culture which they adapted. Try this catering company also from here 點心. Filipinos didn’t just adapt the Spanish and American music, but also the musical instruments from these countries.