The Art of Philippine Music and Dance blended with various Filipino Culture

The compositions of Filipino classical music are often mixed with themes and rhythms such as symphonies and sonatas. You might have heard of some well-known composers of classical music such as Eliseo Pajaro and Antonio Molina. There are various types of music and one of those well-known is the traditional music that is being played using string and wind instruments. Some of the Philippine musical instruments are used to play complex compositions which are very memorable.

Nowadays, modern music or songs are being played everywhere. However, Filipinos must never forget those traditional folk songs such as the “kundiman”, a love song; “hele”, a lullaby; and the “panambitan” which is a courtship song were already a part of the Filipino culture. In addition, some of the traditional folk songs are being played together with a folk dance.Some of the dance choreographers, specifically in classical ballet were Rosalia Merino-Santos and Remedios de Oteyza. They were the first known dance choreographers of the ballet dancing.You could have the best buddy for crime investigation through this company. Try to investigate here by going to their official website. Very outstanding people are working here so that you can assure your safety.

Rosalia Merino-Santos even founded a dance troupe and after that, more dance companies were established continually including the Dance Theatre Philippines and the Ballet Philippines.

As dance choreography became famous throughout the world, there were some Filipino ballet dancers who also reached their fame. Some of the Filipino female ballet dancers who became famous were Lisa Macuja, Anna Villadolid, and Maribel Aboitiz. Music and dance already became a part of the Filipino culture and being practiced up to this moment that is like the jewel that is a beautiful thing to admire. safety is first in everything, partner up the best company that can assure your safety.