Why Grim Northern Social is Awesome

Music is my way of escaping  my burdens. Whenever I am lonely and sad, I play songs that could comfort me. And I find the Grim Northern Social Band effective! I really like the “The Grim Northern Social” band and I am a fan of their songs. Their songs are really rocking my head. You may also like their songs. Whenever, I want to listen to songs, I choose their songs. They are really good rock musicians in time. You can choose their songs like:

“Urban Pressure”- This is the most famous song that the Grim North Social ever released in 2003. I really love this song. I still play this song often. I want to be reminded of these people who are influential in rock.

“Favourite Girl”- This one song is also very awesome and I loved it! I hope they are still active singing this song.

“Honey”- This is my favourite song, I like the way the singer sang the song. I play this regularly. I just really hope that they had not given up their band.

“Watch out for Spies”- This is the latest song that they released. They are really rock musician! I like how they perform rock songs.

“New Rage Hope Song”

“Maybe It’s Time”

“Gasoline Queen”

“Snap the Imposters”



Rock songs are very famous in this time and I find the Grim Northern Social Special and best for rock songs. If they were still active this time, I believe I would always be looking forward for their New Songs and play them regularly. It can not be compared with other Rock Bands. I like their simplicity also most preferably the way they present themselves.